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Top Condo Navigation Guide

To make the experience at Top Condo more pleasant for you, we have put together this navigation guide, so that finding the pre-construction project which is right for you would be a breeze!

Finding The Project By Location

If you are looking for a condominium or a town home in a specific part of the GTA you can find the selection of projects in that region by using our top navigation menu or the right side-bar. Simply click on the region of your preference (ex. Toronto) and a selection of projects in that region will appear.

top condo searching condos in the gta by location

Finding The Project By Style

If you are looking specifically for a condominium, town home or a loft, we’ve got all of that organized for you to make your search and easy one. Simply hover your mouse over the New Development tab in the Navigation Menu and click on Lofts, Condos or Townhouses and a selection of projects which fit the description will appear. In the same location you will see the Move In Now tab. This is where we place the brand new and just built projects which still have inventory left and some enticing promotions.

top condo searching condos in the gta by type

Finding The Project With The Search Bar

Top Condo features a search bar navigation system which you can use if you know the project name you are looking for or the builder whose project selection you are interested in seeing.  The search bar can be found at the bottom of every page as well as on the side bar. For example, you can type in the search bar “Menkes” and the selection of projects, articles and promotions associated with Menkes will appear.

top condo searching condos in the gta by search bar

top condo searching condos in the gta by search bar side bar

Searching Promotions

Top Condo constantly updates and notifies of new and exciting promotions many of which are exclusive and can only be obtained through Top Condo. Because promotions, just like prices always change we do not publish their details on the website, but we do make sure that you are able to see which projects offer the sweetest promotions.

By going to the navigation menu and hovering over Promotions tab you are able to view all projects with promotions or select the down payment promotions which suite you best. When you register for the project Top Condo will email you with the full details of the promotion as well as the prices.

top condo searching promotions in the gta by navigation bar

Navigating Through A Project

When you select a project you would like to review, you will find the page divided into a number of sections discussing and illustrating different aspects of the project.

Not every project page will have all of these selection or not all of them will be as detailed as others. This depends on how new the project is. If the project has not started selling yet, then even the developer might not have all the details finalized. Top Condo will allow you to register for these brand new projects and as soon as the preview events, prices and information are announced the Top Condo registrants will be the first to receive the information!

The Heading Of The Project

At the top of the project page you will find the starting price, location, developer and the year of completion. Right below you will find the floor plans and at times links to associated pages with this project which could be grand opening information, promotions or reviews.

Next you will find the gallery browser where you can view renderings of the project and photographs of the model suites and neighborhood.

top condo project page navigation top

Introduction And The Neighborhood

Right after the image gallery you will be able to read a brief introduction of the project. Here you can find out any unique details of the project and learn its general outline.

Right after the introduction comes the description of the neighborhood where the project will be located. Often you will find maps illustrating points of interest in the area.

top condo project page navigation neighborhood and intro

Project Amenities

After the neighborhood description follows the overview of the project amenities. Find out whether the project will have a gym, a swimming pool or any other facilities.

top condo project page navigation amenities


In this section you will be able to download the floor plans for the project and review the features and finishes of the suites and the building.

top condo project page navigation suites


Close to the very end of the project page you will be able to register to receive the price list and other information for the project. In bold orange text in this section we will often mention of there is any special promotions for the project or other important information.

top condo project page navigation registration

Map, Related Posts, And Share Buttons

At the very bottom of the page you will find the map where the project is represented by a yellow house. You can browse the surrounding area using this map.

Right under the map is a section called “Related Posts”. Here are where the posts related or projects similar to the one you are on show up.

The share buttons can be found at the bottom and top of any page or article. If you liked what you read or found it informative, share the information through one of your favorite social networks or email. You can also leave a comment and share your opinions of ask us a question and we will reply very soon.

top condo project page navigation map related posts and share buttons